Zerona Body Sculpting

Non-invasive, FDA-cleared body sculpting and fat reduction therapy

Zerona Body Sculpting

Non-invasive, FDA-cleared body sculpting and fat reduction therapy

To Stick with Stubborn Fat or To Suffer the Side Effects

Why Does Fat Loss Treatment Feel Like Gambling Risk for Reward?

Whether for cosmetic or reconstructive reasons, fat loss treatments are an important medical aid that help many patients on the road to looking and feeling their best. Unfortunately, traditional treatments in this realm, such as surgery, liposuction, and body wraps, often run the risk of several adverse side effects, including numbness, infection, kidney or heart problems, and more. Furthermore, many patients who undergo such treatments find that results are temporary, with fat cells regenerating in as little as one year in response to aggressive removal. With such limited options, many patients feel forced to choose between two equally undesirable outcomes: stick with the stubborn fat, despite relentless efforts to achieve the transformation you’ve worked for — or run the risk of surgical procedures and deal with whatever consequences may come?
Zerona Fat Reduction Therapy
Zerona Before and After
Zerona Male Body Before and After
Zerona Before and After
Zerona Male Body Before and After

Say Goodbye to Stubborn Fat without the Side Effects of Surgery!

Zerona Z6: Low-Level Laser Technology with Long-lasting Results

An innovative answer to this frustrating dilemma, the Zerona Z6 Laser offers patients longer-lasting benefits than traditional fat loss treatments without the risky side effects. The first laser designed specifically for body contouring, Zerona Z6 uses low-level laser technology to shrink fat cells rather than completely remove or freeze them, eliminating the body’s unnecessary regeneration response. Six adjustable laser heads are positioned around the patient’s desired reduction area (off the body) and turned on, stimulating a temporary opening in the fat cells through which fatty liquids can drain and naturally flush out of the body. Clinically tested and FDA-cleared, the procedure is both painless and non-invasive. On average, patients lose about 3.72 inches around the waist with zero down time and zero side effects!

Zerona Z6 Can Help Target Fat In The:

Ready to Finally Look and Feel Your Best?

Lose Inches and Feel Liberated with Zerona Z6!

The safest and most effective slimming solution for patients who want to get rid of stubborn fat once and for all, Zerona Z6 is available now at Michigan Health and Wellness. If you’re ready to find relief, gain confidence, and complete your full body fat loss transformation without the worries that accompany high-risk procedures, contact our team to find out how Zerona can work for you.

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