Shockwave Therapy

Non-invasive pain and injury treatment that prioritizes quality of life

Shockwave Therapy

Non-invasive pain and injury treatment that prioritizes quality of life

There Has to Be a Better Way to Heal…

Finding Relief from Pain Can Be a Painful Process

As if pain isn’t bad enough on its own, the process of healing in today’s conventional treatment world is one of the most painful realities that many patients will face. Between invasive surgeries, addictive prescription pills, and debilitating side effects, not only do the “standard” treatment options compromise quality of life and long-term wellbeing; they in many cases directly contribute to the pain cycle itself. For example, the addictive side effects of common pain medications and the heavy toll surgeries take on the body mean patients often have to heal from these treatments as well as their original condition. For anyone simply trying to break out of this vicious cycle, there simply isn’t much hope of returning to the freedom of a pain/injury-free life… but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Likewise, patients dealing with injuries are traditionally directed in the route of invasive surgeries and pain management. These procedures often require long recovery periods that at the very least, disrupt daily life, and in worse cases, add more complications to a patient’s health than they started with. For anyone simply trying to break free of the debilitating pain cycle, it may seem like the options are bleak…

but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Say Goodbye to Pills and Invasive Procedures

Get Long-Lasting Results and Recover Fast with Shockwave Therapy

A non-invasive, non-restrictive solution available for patients at Hyperbaric Wellness Center, shockwave therapy works by delivering concentrated energy pulses, or shockwaves, through the use of an external applicator. After applying gel to the affected or injured area, the applicator releases pressure waves while slowly moving over the treatment site. These pressure waves travel past the epidermis, stimulating new cell growth and accelerating tissue, bone, and tendon repair underneath the skin. Many patients report feeling immediate relief in as little as 10-15 minutes; and after only 1-2 treatments, some even report being completely pain-free! These regenerative results are long-lasting and accomplished without the prolonged recovery period that surgeries require, allowing patients to return to normalcy after only a couple of days. 

How Shockwave Therapy Can Help You!

Shockwave Therapy is Effective On

Reverse Pain, Restore Mobility, and Recover Fast

Shockwave Therapy Helps You Get Back to The Life You Love

At Hyperbaric Wellness Center, we believe that pain and injury treatments should aim to not only provide short-term relief but help patients find long-term solutions that restore the quality of life they enjoyed before injury or illness. Shockwave therapy helps our patients do just that, restoring mobility and reversing chronic inflammation with little to no disruption to daily life. Reach out today for a free consultation and find out how this innovative treatment (with a 91% clinical success rate) could help YOU find relief and get back to the life you love.

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