Functional Medicine

Get clarity about root causes and comprehensive solutions

Functional Medicine

Get clarity about root causes and comprehensive solutions

Sometimes Answers are More Important than Prescriptions

Understanding the Problem is the First Step to
Finding a Solution

When medicine and treatments are prescribed before first understanding why symptoms are surfacing, patients are the ones who suffer. Relief is often limited to the short-term, starting patients on an endless cycle of symptom management and wondering if hope even exists for a better life. Additionally, when the root causes of suffering are left untreated, the problem doesn’t go away — it just continues to grow less noticeably under the surface, often compounding into larger neurological and psychological issues over time. This is why understanding the root problem MUST be the first step to finding a real, viable solution: one that provides patients with long-term quality of life as much as short-term relief.

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Instead of treating symptoms as isolated problems, functional medicine considers all of the medical, physical, neurological, and psychological factors that influence one another and your overall health. First, your doctor will obtain a comprehensive history detailing all facets of your lifestyle, medical background, and miscellaneous relevant information. Using scientific principles, diagnostic tests, and personal data, your doctor will then work with you to form a treatment plan that identifies and treats the underlying cause of any conditions you’re experiencing. And now thanks to Dr. Tony Aboudib, this process has never been easier! With the help of Telehealth (conducted via Zoom), you can now meet with Dr. Tony, set up the proper diagnostic testing, and develop your unique treatment plan all from the comfort of your own home.

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Once the root causes of a condition have been identified, the ultimate goal of functional medicine is not only to help you restore health and relieve pain, but to empower you on the path of long-term vitality. Diet, lifestyle, and alternative therapies can all play a role in a functional medicine treatment plan to promote healing and empower patients to live their best, healthiest lives. A step beyond alternative medicine, this patient-centered approach focuses heavily on root cause first so we can ultimately produce results, offering resolution in more than 60% of cases and a slowed progression of disease in others. 

If you’ve felt frustrated with the limitations of traditional treatment; defeated by a growing problem that affects your quality of life and several unsuccessful attempts to relieve its symptoms; disheartened that no one can seem to tell you WHY; or simply been told there are no better options available for you… 

We want you to know there IS hope and healing with Functional Medicine — and it’s just a click away. 

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