Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Natural tissue rejuvenation for physical and neurological healing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Natural tissue rejuvenation for physical and neurological healing 

Low Oxygen Levels Linked to Cancer and Chronic Disease

Your Body Needs Optimum Oxygen Levels to Heal

If you were an engine, oxygen would be the oil that keeps you running smoothly — and just like a car running on low oil, your body will start to malfunction when running on low cellular oxygen levels. In fact, many forms of cancer and chronic diseases have been linked to low-oxygen environments. Without an adequate supply, both quality of life and essential bodily functions are left at risk.

Having optimal oxygen levels is necessary for even routine things, like powering organs and muscles, but becomes even more essential when dealing with disease or injury, as more oxygen than normal is required to help the body repair itself. Unfortunately, supplemental oxygen is often hard to obtain, leaving patients in an oxygen deficit and at risk of compounding the original problem. Luckily, this is where hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help!

Patient smiling inside the hyperbaric chamber

Increasing the Availability and Quality of Oxygen

Accelerate Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Patient smiling inside the hyperbaric chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen chambers are a safe way to administer supplemental oxygen in a controlled environment. During a typical 60-90 minute session, all you have to do is get comfortable inside the chamber and breathe normally while the chamber air pressure is slowly increased until it reaches three times average. This gradually increases the amount of oxygen available in your bloodstream as well, improving circulation and allowing oxygen to reach damaged tissues that may formerly have been deprived by disease.

Patients who undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy often experience a profound domino effect of improvements across a range of physical and psychological functions: impaired blood vessels are restored while new vessels begin to grow, helping wounds heal and reducing swelling and inflammation. White blood cells regain the ability to identify and kill bacteria, improving immunity. And most importantly, patients both look and feel better, as the healing process accelerates and optimal functioning returns.

Two Versatile Options to Choose From

Different Chambers to Suit Different Needs and Preferences

At Hyperbaric Wellness Center, we have two styles of chambers available for our patients’ convenience, both designed with comfort and convenience so you can read, use tablets or cell phones, sleep, or simply relax — all while receiving the benefits of pressurized oxygen.
Our team can help you figure out which chamber will be most beneficial for your unique situation.

The Hyperbaric Cube

A low-pressure ambient air chamber, the hyperbaric cube delivers 95% pure oxygen to patients inside a comfortable, cooled environment. Interior lighting offers soft color therapy, while an acoustic lightwave provides radiofrequency therapy during your chamber session. This easy access, walk-in cube also comes equipped with 2-way audio communication, USB and AC power outlets, a 32” smart TV, and wireless video monitoring.

The Hyperbaric Tube

The hyperbaric tube offers patients a spacious, 42” interior where they can lay back and relax while receiving 100% oxygen at up to a 3.0 ATA operating pressure. Two light ports provide ample lighting so patients can read a book or operate their phones for entertainment during therapy sessions.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Offers Help and Relief for Patients Dealing With:

Significant Improvements In As Little As One Session

“I was feeling really tired and couldn’t get much done. After just one session in the Hyperbaric Chamber at Michigan Health and Wellness, I felt SO much better.  My mood improved, I felt happy, and I was finally able to accomplish so much more in my daily routine… I felt like I could do anything!  I’ll definitely continue to use this therapy, and highly recommend it to everyone!” 

— Brenda Meuwenberger, 5 stars

video testimonies are with real patients from our Traverse City location

Restore Health and Quality of Life from the Inside Out

Experience the Holistic
Benefits of Hyperbaric
Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a non-invasive, effective way to support your body’s natural healing abilities while experiencing a variety of benefits on both a surface and cellular level. In addition to alleviating their original condition, hyperbaric oxygen therapy has helped our patients improve sleep, physical appearance, skin, mental state, sexual performance, overall wellbeing, and even heal areas not initially associated with treatment. Reach out to our team to find out how you can start receiving the many benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy!

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