Cold Laser Therapy

Chronic pain relief without addictive prescription painkillers

Cold Laser Therapy

Chronic pain relief without addictive prescription painkillers

Chronic Pain and Prescription Opioids: A Vicious Cycle

Finding Relief Shouldn’t Require Risking Addiction

For more than 1.5 billion individuals worldwide who suffer from chronic pain, finding relief can seem like a hopeless task.

Too often, heavy prescription painkillers are the go-to treatment under conventional medical care — a treatment that at best temporarily masks symptoms, and at worst, runs the risk of serious addiction. In fact, recent data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that prescription opioid drugs are now responsible for more deaths in the United States than heroin and cocaine overdoses combined. Even over-the-counter pain medications (which are significantly less effective at even temporarily alleviating pain) come with a laundry list of warnings for severe complications like stomach ulcers, hearing disorders, and liver failure when misused in the plight to find relief.

 Finding a solution that offers both relief and longevity without creating even bigger problems can feel nearly impossible.

A Light at the End of the Chronic Pain Tunnel

Break the Cycle of Pain Problems with Cold Laser Therapy

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), also known as Cold Laser Therapy, helps patients finally break the cycle of chronic pain and drug dependency. Utilizing red and near-infrared light, a low-level laser is applied to the patient’s skin, allowing light energy to pass painlessly through the dermal layers without ever breaking the surface. Once it reaches the cellular level, this increase in energy activates a number of natural healing processes, reducing pain and inflammation, increasing blood flow, stimulating tissue repair, and improving range of motion (to name a few).

Non-invasive, drug-free, and FDA-cleared, this innovative treatment is an effective solution for a variety of ailments — all without the risk of drug dependency or addiction.

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Cold Laser Therapy provides relief for:

Experience Lasting Relief without Developing Dependency

Experience Lasting Relief without Developing Dependency

Though the cycle of pain and addiction has a long and complicated history, we want you to know that there ARE other options for safe, effective, and lasting treatment. At Hyperbaric Wellness Center, we’ve seen firsthand the impact that cold laser therapy has for pain patients, offering much-needed relief in just a couple of sessions. Reach out to our team below to find out how cold laser therapy could help you break the cycle of chronic pain and start healing naturally again.

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