LED Red Light Therapy

Rejuvenate your body and find relief from pain without negative side effects

LED Red Light Therapy

Rejuvenate your body and find relief from pain without negative side effects

When Age and Injury Take their Toll...

Seeking Relief for Skin or Muscle Conditions?

Whether due to age or injury, there comes a time when many of us start to feel our body doesn’t look or respond quite the way our mind expects it to. Perhaps a slow-healing muscle injury has affected your ability to perform daily tasks with the same strength and efficiency; unavoidable cosmetic changes may have taken a toll on your confidence and self-image; or maybe a persistent skin condition like eczema or dermatitis has significantly impacted your quality of life. Whatever the situation, finding relief for these various skin and muscle conditions can be a frustrating journey, with many “solutions” only offering short-term relief at best.

Skin and Muscle Healing from Inside Out

LED Red Light Therapy for Recovery, Relief and Rejuvenation

Unlike traditional treatments that merely focus on managing the symptoms of these various conditions, LED Red Light Therapy stimulates cellular healing from the inside out. Patients enter the red light chamber, consisting of 13,000 high-intensity red and infrared LED lights. These lights produce a biochemical effect that strengthens the mitochondria in cells five millimeters below the skin’s surface, without any harm or direct contact to the outer layer of skin. The powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria is responsible for creating cellular energy through the ATP molecule. When stimulated by red light, cells create more ATP, allowing them to repair and rejuvenate themselves more efficiently. For patients, this extra energy translates into an incredible variety of tangible benefits and real-life improvements in cellular vitality, nutritional metabolism, movement, coordination, emotional regulation, cognitive functioning, and more.

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LED Red Light Therapy Can Offer Relief for:

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Relax While You Receive All the Benefits of Red Light Therapy

No matter your original intentions for seeking red light therapy, one of the greatest outcomes of this treatment is that you’ll be able to experience ALL of the benefits — and you’ll be able to do so while relaxing! This easy, safe, and painless procedure can help almost anyone, whether used as a core cosmetic treatment, a complement to cancer and chronic disease treatment, or anything in between. Reach out to our team at Hyperbaric Wellness Center to find out how red light therapy can help support your healing goals.

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