Non-invasive testing for early disease detection and prevention


Non-invasive testing for early disease detection and prevention

Millions Pay the Price of a Late Diagnosis Every Year

How Can Patients Avoid the Harm of Diagnostic Errors?

Early detection and prevention is the number one way to reduce disease risk and severity. Yet, a 2015 study by the Institute of Medicine estimated that more than 12 million Americans every year are the victim of late or incorrect diagnoses. Unfortunately, many conventional diagnostic tests are limited in their abilities, only revealing complex health conditions after they’ve had a chance to develop and do significant harm. At Hyperbaric Wellness Center, we work hard to give patients their absolute best chance of recovery and successful treatment — that includes employing diagnostic tools that can identify disease and disease potential early enough to prevent manageable problems and reduce unnecessary suffering.

Restore Peace of Mind and Reduce Unnecessary Suffering

Thermometry: The Diagnostic Test for Your Best Chance of Success

A non-invasive, functional test of the body’s organs and related systems, thermometry allows patients and medical professionals to get critical insight into potential health problems and their underlying causes, often before symptoms even begin. Inside the body, your organs work through the autonomic nervous system (ANS) to respond to different stressors, such as changes in room temperature.

Thermometry uses an infrared sensor to track the ANS response at 100 strategic points in the body both before and after exposure to a mild cooling stimulus. Data drawing from 30+ years of research and over 100,000 patient assessments illustrate the specific patterns and disease states that correlate with any kind of compromised response, allowing us to proactively identify signs of impacted health and guide treatment with efficiency and accuracy.

Thermometry can help with the early detection and diagnosis of:

Catch Health Problems Before They Fall Through the Cracks

Get Answers and Take Action Early with Thermometry

Gone are the days of waiting for alarm bells to ring before you can get concrete answers about your health. Thanks to thermometry, our patients at Hyperbaric Wellness Center are able to get data-confirmed clarity, identify potential areas that need attention, and understand the exact steps they should take to prevent larger problems from arising, all in one 20-minute appointment. Whether you have concerns that conventional diagnostics haven’t been able to provide answers for, or just want to get a proactive pulse on your health, thermometry can help you gain confidence, take action, and catch problems early, before they fall through the cracks.

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