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Currently the indications for hyperbaric oxygen therapy are expanding.Throughout the world, there are over 100 diagnoses...
Welcome to the Hyperbaric Wellness Center. We are pleased that you have considered us to help in the recovery of you or your child. Our mission is to provide our patients with the highest level of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. We have created this facility in order to provide a much needed service to this area and we are committed to offering this service as safely and affordable as possible. We strive to improve our patient's life style, health, and quality of life.

We at the Hyperbaric Wellness Center have focused our abilities on the treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders found in children. Specifically, we treat children with autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and brain and nervous

system problems. These disorders extract an enormous emotional, mental, and financial toll in terms of compromised quality of life and lifelong disability. Additionally, these children require special education, psychological support, and medical services that drain resources and contribute to further stress on the families and communities. While it is generally accepted that the cause for these disabilities is likely to include genetic and environmental factors, for a vast majority of these disabilities the cause remains unknown. However, it has been shown that due to hyperbaric oxygen therapy, children with these disorders show tremendous improvement in healing, function, and cognitive processes.
When we started HBOT my son had almost no eye contact and very little interaction with others...

My 5 year old son Bradley has done 25 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments...

A Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber is a pressurized vessel used to administer oxygen at elevated pressure. There are basically 2 types of chambers - monoplace and multiplace (Soft chambers are covered below.). The main differences are chamber size, number of occupants, and how the oxygen is delivered.

Monoplace chambers are single-person chambers pressurized with 100% oxygen from which the patient breathes directly. Multiplace chambers are designed to hold two or more persons. Multiplace chambers are pressurized with compressed air while patients breathe 100% oxygen...

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is defined as the use of oxygen under elevated pressure to increase the amount of oxygen in the blood. The pressurized environment in a hyperbaric chamber allows a greater amount of oxygen to be dissolved into the blood stream...
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