Hyperbaric Wellness Center Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Testimonial from Jenni H., mother of Garrett,

"When we started HBOT my son had almost no eye contact and very little interaction with others. He was not making progress on any of his goals, and we were losing hope that he would ever improve. Within ten treatments he was making eye contact, starting to approximate words, understanding simple commands, becoming more affectionate, and starting to master his programs. These treatments were a HUGE jump start to all of his other therapy programs and he is now making tremendous progress. It has made a world of difference for him and our family."

Testimonial from Dori P., mother of Bradley,

"My 5 year old son Bradley has done 25 Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy treatments. Since we started the treatments we can really see how much he didnít get before. He really gets things now, like someone went into the attic and cleaned out the cobwebs. His phrases are more appropriate and he is even expressing his thoughts out loud. Recently at home, Bradley wanted me to do something for him and I told him "in a minute" then he proceeded to put his hands on his hips and say "fine then Iíll go ask my daddy!" I was so proud of him for expressing his own thoughts of impatience. It was an appropriate 5 year old response!!! Finally! What we have been waiting for! He amazes us everyday. Some days we notice all the new smaller things like telling his baby sister "no" and redirecting her before she gets hurt or into trouble. For him to understand that she may not know the difference between whatís right and wrong is awesome! Then the big changes like expressing himself appropriately!

The staff at the Hyperbaric Wellness Center are so nice and they understand our son. They talk to him and ask him questions about his day and they make him feel comfortable. We watch DVDís, do flash cards and read books together. He loves going there and we are thrilled with the results!"

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